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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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oh, won't last forever waking to up rain, lightning too, katie and meisha keeping an eye on stormy details for us. >> good morning, all good things, they must come to an end, katie. this is what we're dealing with right now. >> it is what they say. >> yes flooding already this morning, too. >> i'm sure this will be one of those mornings where the flooding definately becomes issue for folks trying to travel. so yes. definitely want to check the traffic in a second here a sense of how things are shaping up here when it comes to where the heaviest pockets every rain are currently located. and, looking first and for most here, just view of storm scan3, this is just good snapshot. you know, with the tri-state sweep, single snapshot of the frame of what is happening right now. heaviest rain clearly through the southeastern half of our area, just because we are seeing things sort of taper off at least initially here across portions every berks county, lancaster county, i don't want you to get too comfortable just yet guys, looks as though the front will have some time to killing before completely fizzled away. so that may still lead to shower thunderstorm, because there is so much moisture left
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to work with, it may also, you know be locally steady or heavy at points here today. but, this is the brunt of what is moving through today. let's take a look what you can expect for the next couple of hours, heavy rain, pocket of embedded thunderstorms, small stream flooding definitely possible, in fact, already seen it go on. i know meisha already finding ponding on the area roadways, so she will go into more details as to where you are finding the brunt of that, where it will meet with you the most. in terms of flood advisories, this morning southwestern new jersey central delaware, kent county specifically in the heart of it, right now with some of the heaviest rain pushing through. we also have flashflood warning, for at least the next 29 minutes here, through carbon monroe county, even though at this point kind of left with light rain, awed lot of rain roll through, through the overnight, it has led to minor flashflooding. watch it out that way if your travels are taking you perhaps to i80. meantime looking around the region as a whole here today talking mid 80s, and frankly naught that the humidity is starting to spike back up
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again that too is making this somewhat of a typical summer day for us. meisha, over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. certainly will be a busy one with the rain coming down. whenever in the world of travel we have rain, we will have some slow-downs. one of the areas where we first had some flooding. now we did have crews on site there is was all lanes blocked here for a moment, it was 26th street northbound at the schuylkill expressway. now you can see travelers moving about the crew has now cleared out travelers are free to move. whenever we have tunnels like this and a lot of rain, sometimes the water gets trapped in there it does get busy. do you have shut down the tunnels so people can't get through. fortunately they got it cleaned up right now. you are able to move 26th street northbound again at the schuylkill schuylkill, where we had the disabled vehicle approaching the blue route not causing too many slow downs right now. how much, with that being said as we progress in the morning, if that disable vehicle doesn't get out of the way, especially with all of the rain, we will start to see slow-downs in that area as well. now, here we go. route 42 freeway, creek road,
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approaching 295, a steady flow of vehicles, looks like, a lot of people leaving their homes little early today. just because of how bus at this will be out there. so definitely, on a day like today, give yourself couple of extra minute, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning philadelphia police have located a vehicle they believe was used in a deadly hit-and-run crash. they are still looking for the driver though. police tell us that one vehicle hit another at the intersection of luzerne and "i" street in juniata park around 10:30 last night. two people were in the vehicle that was struck, one of them we're told has died. the other was taken to temple hospital. no word on the condition at this time. >> also, new this morning fire rips through an apartment building in pennsauken camden county. forcing dozens of people out of their homes. that fire broke out just before midnight, on the third floor inside the cooper river plaza ants. residents tell us, that fire alarms had gone off in the building recently, so they first thought it was another false alarm. >> by the time we got to the stairs, smoke was everywhere
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in the stairwell. we got down the second floor, probably the heaviest. so i mean, at least we got out here safe, so -- >> we're told firefighter was injured, fighting that blaze. we're working to find out how he is doing. residents, they are still wait to go get back inside their building. >> a mother and daughter are fighting for their lives this morning, after being stabbed inside their west oaklane home. this morning the woman's husband is in police custody being questioned by detectives. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at northwest detective, with more on this investigation. justin good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, at last check mother and daughter are recovering at this time and the manna cured of hurting them, steven burton, the husband and father of the victim, is in police custody at this time. let's take you now to picture of burton. he was caught at about 9:00 last night in the maryland area, police say there he was take never without custody. he was last seen in the philadelphia area in his honda accord leaving his home on the
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1900 block of dallas street. a neighbor says before the attack about 12:30 sunday night, that she overheard arguing. she went over to check and she found that daughter and mother stabbed. she said she had heard fights before arguing in the past, but this time was different. she could not ignore t she raised over to help. take a listen. >> reporter: this is all the time, but this time it was different, like, get up, see what's going on next-door. so like i said, i ran out the house, as i am now no shoes no nothing just to snake sure they was all right. and when he heard me knock on the door, i got -- i heard him run out the baby room, then ran out the house left the scene. >> reporter: that neighbor says she believes that he got in his car and raised all the way over to maryland when she saw him rather saw her arrive to the home. now, we do know the mother is at einstein recovering, the little girl at st. christopher's, at last check both in critical condition.
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in word yet on any charges for burton. but he is in police custody. also four year old boy in the home at the time. he was not hurt. we are live outside northwest detectives i'm justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" as this story develops. we'll have the latest for you on air and on line at our website here's up a date for you now for story we first told but last night located safe and sound after went missing yesterday on the delaware river, rescue crews spent several hours last night searching the delaware between riegelsville and washington crossing for that missing group. police have not released any details about how they disappeared. happening today president obama meeting with ito open yan government officials as part of his five day tour of africa. this morning the president took part in a welcoming ceremony in the national palace. later tonight he's scheduled to attend formal state dinner with the ethiopia prime minister at the national
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palace. >> also, happening today, a historic move from the boy scouts of america. the group will ratify resolution lifting a ban on openly gay troop leaders. this comes as thousands of bow scouts headed japan for the world scout jamboree this week. hen a daniels reports from new york. >> reporter: today the boy scouts of america executive committee expected to ends its long standing ban on gay troop leaders. it is a decision zach walls is proud of. eagle scout was raised by two moms. >> it means an organization that i love, and of which i have been a member since i was, you know, six years old is i think taking another step toward joining the rest of the country in the 21st century. >> the ban barred openly gay adult from serving as den leaders, scout masters and camp counselors. back in may organization president and former defense secretary robert gates spoke out about policy. saying it was time for the 105 year old institution to make a
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change. >> we must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it would be. >> while many are celebrating the shift in policy, others say, it doesn't go far enough. under the decision, church based units can continue to choose adult leaders whose quote beliefs are consistent with their own. but the decision does ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, in all of it paying jobs across the country. gates and other executives hope the change in policy will help boost enrollment in the youth organization. henna daniels cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> time right now 5:08. tire slashing vandals strike in queen village leaving victims with a expensive repair bill. police are looking for the vandals who slashed the tires on the 800 block of swan son street and the 100 block of queen street early yesterday morning. a total of 18 tires were flattens, and some vehicles even had couple of tires slashed. neighbors we spoke with were surprised to hear about the
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crime. >> it is the first time something like that happened in this neighborhood. i'm upset about it. might daughter was here overnight, and her car wasn't touched. i feel badly for these people. >> police are now using surveillance video from nearby homes to try to find those vandals. still ahead this morning couple is attack during stabbing spree inside a church. what police say the suspect did right after the attack. also: >> growing tribute to the two women killed in louisianna's movie theater shooting. i'm kenneth craig in lafayette, with the very latest coming up. >> also, it is the powerful magazine cover a lot of people are talking about this morning. dozens of bill cosby's accusers all speaking out. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> and you might have to dodge those raindrops when you head out this morning. katie is letting us know if we will see more rain today updating your soggy forecast, meisha is getting you around on the wet roads. good morning. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> floor i had couple stabbed multiple times during services at their korean church. suspect will been staying at the church for days before stabbing the employee. after the double stabbing, the suspect called 911 himself and said he was waiting for police. this morning he's in jail. >> funeral services will be held later today for two women killed in the movie theater shooting rampage in louisianna. john russell howser opened fire at the theater before taking his own life. kenneth craig with the details now on how the shooter spent his final hours. surveillance video shows the shooter, 59 year old john howser leaving the hotel six in his lincoln town car last thursday. less than hour later opened fire at grand movie theatre in
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laffayette. killed macy bro and 33 year old julian johnson, nine others injured, and nicole witnessed the shooting. >> ten rounds went off when i realize, you know, six seventh rounds, i drop, and i am looking at him and i'm like because i know guns i said he's reloading. so i screamed to everybody: he's reload, get the help out of here you. >> in another video, house is her seen walking around the hotel grounds and chatting with the front desk clerk. his room was a mess, with clothes and liquor bottles all over the place. as the community mourns, the victims were remembered during memorial mass held sunday at our lady of fatima catholic church. at this growing memorial outside of the store owned by julian johnson community has left flowers, art and these hand made prayer flags. lauren new johnson from the arts community and shocked at her store. >> really heart breaking. and hard to verbalize.
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>> police say howser suffered from decades of mental illness. they just don't know why he went on the shooting spree. kenneth craig cbs news, lafayette, louisianna. four firefighters hurt battling this wild fire in northern california. dozens of property in the sierra nevada foot hills have been evacuated since saturday. that blaze is still active and firefighters worried today's triple digit temperatures and strong winds could threaten hundreds of additional homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. certainly could use some rainout west, katie getting rain this morning, too how is it looking out there. >> definitely still very soggy, hello. extreme close up. good morning. >> looking good. >> well, we are definitely going to have to be dealing with heavy rain looks like at least for the next couple of hours, i would say by the tail end of your typical morning rush is winding down, though, things are going to be doing the same at least with this initial batch of rain. doesn't mean that we're totally out of the woods just
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yet, guys. tracking frontal boundery actually fizzling as it goes you there. so getting outside what's happening on storm scan, localized zoom here first and for most, you have some clouds to work with obviously back through the western suburbs where the rain has already rolled through. but still some very, very heavy rain falling across now specially sussex county then up into kent, cumberland county, you get the idea. solid line here moving ever so closely toward those area shore points. so, i don't think we'll have the prettiest sunrise at the area shore point this time around but from more down the road. behind it, not too much activity to speak every across the great lakes in fact, things generally clear and that's a sign of high pressure that will be building down for us in the days ahead. >> even though is cold front it, doesn't live up to its name at all. actually warming up from here, and you will see that in the extended forecast, for now though here is the initial track, this is placement not totally correct for 5:00 a.m. but close enough. this is good guide by 9:00 a.m., we will be clearing out from that first initial
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round of heavy rain, and then more starts to fire up here. scattered in nature, shouldn't be anywhere near as widespread, but notice there will be some pockets of the heavier rain that fall with this, and we just got so much moisture that we have been building up in the atmosphere for few days, and sort of like ringing out really saturated clot. you know, in all of the rain will come down at some point it could come down over your area. later on tonight, clear things out for you we won't necessarily call it drying out, though, because still going to feel the steam in the next few days, as we go throughout the day shower, thunderstorm still in the forecast dropping down to 72 tonight, maybe with a lingering shower, but overnight things should dry out. then back to the 90s what looks to be for three straight days here, as long as we speak to 90 or above next heatwave on your hands here guys, we will be feeling the steam as well steamy conditions looking ahead. we send it back to you teddiesing. >> mere, a you know, got one week logged in, doing great. >> yes. >> been getting out hitting the roads, too. >> yes, certainly the roads
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right? so yes digging in, getting my hand dirty get to go meet some of the important people who keep the city running. so last week, i toured the septa command center. >> ah. >> so kind of nerve center for all of septa which is so cool. it is huge inside. so between the buses trains, trolleys, let me tell you there are plenty of eyes helping you get around town. it is a gigantic, i don't know if everyone typically in philadelphia goes and looks at this place or if they even can, but it is huge beside. and they have their own police station, held quarters inside. >> was it what you expected do you think? >> bigger, more complicate in the. >> more complicated definitely more complex. i didn't realize oh, huge, yes. >> and i know you have your eyes on the morning those wet roads creating -- >> oh, goodness, monday morning typically very busy travel day indeed. so certainly give yourself couple of extra minutes headed out the roadways, they are wet. so give yourself couple of extra minute leaving the house, also give yourself some distance between the car ahead
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of you i think the biggest thing, flooding since cleared i won't even go into it, but then also disable vehicle right now so, just for all of you at home, or just waking up with us, good morning to you. so we have a disable vehicle 95 northbound on the ramp to the blue route. and i can tell you right now it is busy out there. definitely give yourselves couple of extra minute leak like i said, disable vehicle pulled all the way out to the right-hand side. you can see as you are trying to get on to the ramp to the blue route not cause causing too many slow downs right now how much cents a we move, more into the 5:00 hour even into the 6:00 hour, it is in that doesn't move there is will probably cause some slow downs, even if we just have gaper delay, people slowing down checking out what's going on, but when it is this wet outside and it indeed is, rain still coming down, give yourself couple of extra minutes in that area. also i was taking a peak at 422, another area that was kind of getting a lot of headlights out there quite early, 422 eastbound before trooper road, you can see as you are making your way into
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the king of prussia area, it is a nice easy flow. you are still traveling at posted speeds. so that's the good news for those of you coming from that area. ben franklin bridge, i have been keeping my eye on there is as well, looks great actually. just wet out there. and, you know, i just had to have an excuse to pull this out. because it is such a gorgeous shot. for those of you coming in from new jersey, into center city, just stunning view, but you can see slick roadways out there. it is certainly busy. mass transit looking great. no major delays at the airport right now. so for those of you traveling other ways, it is a good day to do it, erika over to you. >> meisha, thank you. hard to believe but only 61 days are left until pope francis comes to philadelphia. and we're still wait to go hear septa's new plans to sell regional rail passes for the weekend. the system crashed last monday morning, shortly after those tickets went on sale. demand was so high, 54,000 people logs on in just the first minute. however, only 201 tickets were sold. you will need that 10-dollar pass to ride regional rail the weekend the pope's in town,
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even if you aren't planning on seeing the pope. septa says it is working with it experts about fixing the website and they'll give 24 hour notice before the particular gets back on sale. we'll of course let you know that hams. meanwhile, piece of camden history totally being torn down, two major roads are closed this week, for that project. crews are demolishing the 50 year old commerce building at broadway and federal street. right now broadway is closed between mlk boulevard and federal street. federal street is shutdown between fifth and broadway. once that building is torn down, a parking garage will be remember built on that site. still ahead this morning lost at sea the search continues this morning for two teenagers who disappeared on fishing trip. we'll tell you what searches have found, and a big star helping the effort to find them. also, it was the most talked about party in town. lesean mccoy caught a lot of heat on line for his party for women only. hear who he add to the guest list at the last minute.
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that's coming up.
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y- talking sports right now, phillies off today. they'll go for fifth straight win tomorrow night against the blue jays in toronto. the phils are # and one since the all-star break. doing well. >> now the baseball hall of fame inducted four new members yesterday in cooperstown. infielder craig, and pitchers john smolt, randy johnson pedro martinez, all enshrined. pedro spent some time with the phillies and with the phillies fateful. >> philadelphia, finish my career, little did i know i would finish my career, but the foundation was great the experience in philadelphia was great. so to all of you thank you. >> very nice. martinez joins hall of famer juan, as the only hall of famers from the dominican republic. well done, guys. >> well it, looks like former eagles running back lesean mccoy big pre-season party turned out to be a bus.
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we showed you the invitation shady put on stain gram asking for females only. and asked them to smith a picture and sign confidentiality agreement for the party that was supposed to be held last night. now, mccoy posted this picture, last night not seeing any females in site there, instead he wrote quote, since the media and internet took my before camp party out of context, i had to switch up my strategy, so tonight i'll be inviting everyone to my back to business party featuring dj donald trump special invited guests, recommendation ryan, chip kelly, and nfl economic nerve roger goodel, my man barack oprah, carli lloyd even that terrible waiter with the awful service from the burger joint is invited. ya. pretty steve say they were all no show's, but yes getting the last word in there. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" historic move. why auto maker is buying back more than half million vehicles. we'll explain coming up. jan? >> erika, it is a powerful new
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look at bill cosby's accusers. thirty-five women on one cover. and coming up, hear what they have to zanied side new york magazine's latest cover stories. >> new campaign controversy this one does not involve donald trump what mike huckabee said about the holocaust, why he's refuse to go apologize. katy? >> off to bit of you can settled start in the weather department erika if r sure. some heavy rain moving through the southeastern tear of our area. we will be tracking wet weather looks like the better part of the day too. so full details for you coming up. >> thanks, also the roads are slick from that overnight rain. we are checking traffic with meisha, when we come right back.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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>> good morning, new this morning, powerful magazine cover a lot of people are talking about. dozens of bill cosby accusers come forward sharing their allegations of abuse. we'll tell you what they are saying about their encounter with the philadelphia comedian, why their stories are now getting traction. >> first, don't leave home without the umbrella you are going need it today. storm are rolling you there the region right now leaving behind the wet roads for your monday morning commute. because, mondays aren't rough enough. >> all right. >> weren't we just saying


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